Mars Update On Sustainable Palm Oil Sourcing – September 2014

October 7, 2015

Six months after launching our new palm oil policy, we would like to report that its implementation is well

We launched our policy in March 2014 to formalize our commitment to developing a fully sustainable and
traceable palm oil supply chain – one that is free from deforestation and environmental degradation and
grown with respect for the rights of local communities and workers.

To this end, we announced a new palm oil sourcing charter for our suppliers to comply with, or to put plans
in place to ensure compliance, by year end 2015.

In addition, we committed to tracing all the palm oil we source back to known mills, and to ensuring that by
year end 2014 our tier 1 palm oil suppliers have confirmed they will comply with our sourcing charter. This
update describes our progress toward these two immediate goals.

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