3M Pulp and Paper Sourcing Policy Progress Report

November 5, 2015


Forests provide people around the world with recreation, cultural significance, health and livelihood. They are home to many species of plants and animals, their trees capture and store atmospheric carbon, and they help supply clean water. These complex ecosystems are critical resources for all living things. Thankfully, they are also a renewable resource, if used responsibly and sustainably, and using them in this way contributes to their value. Nevertheless, forests in certain parts of the world are more at risk today than at any time in human history, and we must all join together to preserve this precious resource.

At 3M, we are guided by our values; they are woven into the very fabric of our company culture. We act with uncompromising integrity. We respect our social and physical environments around the world. The 3M Pulp and Paper Sourcing Policy formalizes our and our supply chain’s responsibilities to comply with global regulations and further the causes of sustainable forestry and transparent, responsible supply chains.

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