Earth & People – December 2015


The Earth & People endowment fund (Cérélia group) and the companies PALMCI and SIFCA signed a fair and sustainable partnership agreement to support producers in Côte d’Ivoire to adopt more responsible practices.

With this agreement, the 3 partners wish to encourage, as a priority, the development of producers operating oil palm plantations and at the same time IFUs (Integrated Farm Units) in line with the production criteria of Cérélia’s Sustainable Palm Oil Charter. This programme, which will take place over 5 years, has 3 main objectives:

– to help to develop the Ivorian sustainable palm oil industry by improving plantation yields without resorting to deforestation,

– to protect the environment,

– to improve living conditions for communities and producers, who rely for part of their livelihood on the oil palm.

Initially, this project will begin in the village of Néka and the surrounding region, and with the Néka IFU which produces palm oil. More here (in French):