Wilmar publishes summary reports

July 25, 2016


Wilmar boosts transparency by publishing summary reports of work to improve practices at mills and plantations in its supply chain.

Wilmar has taken another big step forward on improving transparency in its supply chain by publishing a series of reports summarising its efforts to engage with mills and plantations to improve their practices.  Its proactive approach in supplier engagement has involved visiting over 60 mills and their accompanying plantations which supply to Wilmar’s refineries in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Identifying common supplier issues

These visits are part of the larger efforts by Wilmar to engage its suppliers in open discussions about improving their operations towards more sustainable practices. The collective findings from these visits provide a good summary of the common issues and challenges encountered by suppliers within the supply shed of a particular region. Wilmar is now in the process of delivering workshops and training to all suppliers in the same supply shed, which will help them address these issues in the various regions as well as offer them tools to close some of those gaps.

TFT and Wilmar

Having recognised its role in driving and supporting the changes that are required, Wilmar has published these reports in the hope they will assist the wider industry in efforts to improve their practices. TFT has worked closely with Wilmar to develop this approach to supplier engagement. This has involved TFT teams working with Wilmar staff in the field to actively engage the companies, mills, plantations, workers and communities in discussions about improving practices, livelihoods and environmental outcomes.

If you would like to know more about Wilmar’s efforts you can read the ART (Aggregator, refinery, transformation) overarching reports published on Wilmar’s website.

Or visit each report individually: