TFT responds to Greenpeace report on palm oil industry

September 28, 2016


TFT welcomes the findings of Greenpeace’s report: ‘A Deadly Trade Off – IOI’s palm oil supply and its human and environmental costs.’’ The report, which has been published today, (27 September 2016), explores some of the impacts of palm oil expansion, focusing on Malaysian palm oil company IOI Group, and its suppliers in Indonesia. The report highlights genuine deep rooted problems in what are hugely complex and historically opaque supply chains.

TFT has been working with the palm oil industry since 2010. During this time we have seen company commitments to achieving no deforestation and no exploitation expanding throughout palm oil supply chains – commitments that now cover up to 70% of the palm oil trade. Through this experience we have found that it is engagement not isolation that will stop the chainsaws, protect orang-utans and help lift forest-based communities out of poverty.

As a result, we believe that positive constructive engagement with all suppliers is the route to lift the whole industry to general and sustainable better practice. Transparent reporting, especially on grievance processes is now common and we are supporting our members to implement these processes with those suppliers currently failing to meet the companies’ high standards. Progress can be viewed on company dashboards and via the member pages here on the TFT Hub.

Asian Agri and Apical Dashboard

GAR Dashboard

Wilmar dashboard

We are continuing to work with our members on solutions we can take to a greater scale, and believe it is only by working with all stakeholders – that’s socially, (through civil society), politically and geographically – that lasting transformation can be achieved.

Click here to read the full report.