LDC next steps

November 4, 2016

Find out more about the work LDC have done with TFT up to early 2016.

Between September 2015 and January 2016, TFT and Louis Dreyfus Commodities (LDC) worked together under a Short Term Contract (STC) to complete the following agreed objectives (referred to as Phase 1):

  1. Complete supply chain mapping for LDC’s own facilities (refineries and bulking facilities) in Indonesia (Lampung & Balikpapan)
  2. Complete a desktop analysis incorporating environmental and social aspects for all mills supplying LDC’s own facilities in Indonesia
  3. Build traceability with FOB External suppliers

TFT worked with the LDC teams in Jakarta, Singapore and Geneva to achieve or progress on the above objectives.

Now LDC is entering phase 2, where LDC is embarking on a comprehensive sustainability journey along the VTTV model.

Together, we began phase 2, in September 2016, by drafting a new stand-alone LDC Palm Sustainability Policy. With this document, LDC unites its environmental, social, labour and business practice policies, while affirming LDC’s staunch commitment to:

  • Safeguard all high conservation value (HCV) lands or high carbon stock (HCS) areas
  • Leave all peat -untouched, regardless of depth
  • Uphold the rights of local communities or indigenous people
  • Comply with ILO conventions on forced labour and discrimination
  • Abide by rigorous anti-bribery and corruption standards.

This policy applies to all LDC stakeholders engaged in their palm oil supply chains and will serve as our manifesto as we enter our year’s activities, which include:

  1. Updating and expanding traceability of LDC internal & external palm oil supply chains
  2. Setting up procedures to make –better informed purchasing decisions in accordance to the Palm Sustainability Policy
  3. ART Program – Deep and broad engagement, targeting LDC’s Balikpapan refinery supply shed, through visits, workshops, and trainings.
  4. Landscapes Program – Multi-stakeholder approach for land-use planning for a defined area within East Kalimantan.

This phase’s workplan with LDC will take us to the end of August 2017, with regular updates on progress posted here.