2017 Work Plan


Grupo Palmas and TFT have been working together since 2016, leading to Grupo Palmas becoming a TFT Member for palm oil in March 2017. Grupo Palmas released their Sustainability Policy in April 2017, marking a commitment to ensure that all the palm oil comes from responsible sources – sources that are not engaged in deforestation or exploitation.

Grupo Palmas Sustainability Commitment
The Grupo Palmas Sustainability Policy includes expectations that all sources of palm fruit should:

  • Meet the environmental expectations as laid out in the policy including protection of high carbon stock forests, high conservation values with special focus on peatlands and wetlands;
  • Use best agricultural and industrial practices;
  • Be in compliance with all applicable laws;
  • Ensure respect with worker’s rights and without worker exploitation;
  • Ensure the inclusion of smallholders in the supply chain.
  • And respect communities, and promote dialogue and transparency with stakeholders

The Grupo Palmas Sustainability Policy applies to its entire supply chain back to the source.  Grupo Palmas understands that full conformity with the policy will occur within a process of continuous improvement both inside the company, as well as with independent suppliers.  The company commits to raise awareness and build capacity where necessary to reach these goals.

TFT supports Grupo Palmas on the implementation of its responsible sourcing program. This public work plan summarizes the activities in which TFT and Grupo Palmas jointly engage.

Grupo Palmas Responsible Sourcing program is led by a sustainability team based out of the Lima headquarters.  This team coordinates closely with TFT’s team in Ecuador as well as other TFT offices.

TFT Activities
TFT’s major activities to support Grupo Palmas in their responsible sourcing program in 2017 include:

  1. Policy development: TFT advised Grupo Palmas during the development of the company’s Sustainability Policy and the communication of the policy to stakeholders. The launch of a responsible palm oil policy is a first step in the VTTV journey.
  2. Communication with stakeholders: TFT advises Grupo Palmas in the development of communications with stakeholders including a sustainability dashboard and external communications.
  3. Grievance mechanism: TFT is supporting Grupo Palmas in the development of credible, accessible, and transparent grievance mechanism that allows for internal and external stakeholders alike to report concerns related to their operations or sourcing without fear of recrimination.
  4. Capacity building and training: TFT will provide support and training to Grupo Palmas leadership, sustainability and field staff to increase their capacity to manage conflicts.
  5. Work with Smallholders: TFT and Grupo Palmas are jointly focusing on ensuring that any expansion of palm oil production with independent suppliers in the Tocache Valley is done responsibly.
  6. Landscapes: TFT and Grupo Palmas will work to promote resilient, thriving ecosystems and communities in one highly biodiverse landscape surrounding Grupo Palmas operations