TFT visits Arkhangelsk Oblast

In June 2017, TFT’s Alastair Herd and Bjorn Roberts visited a number of stakeholders in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Northwest Russia to better understand the context and developments of pulp and paper production and Intact Forest Landscape (IFL) issues as highlighted in the Greenpeace report “Eye on the Taiga.” The aim was to determine the risks to TFT members linked to that particular sourcing region.  It also provided an opportunity to convey our members requirements to pulp and paper producers in terms of meeting their responsible sourcing policies.

Over the years much attention has been paid to tropical regions where pulp plantations are being developed. The boreal forest, which stretches from Alaska to Eastern Russia, is gaining interest as the world’s largest land biome, playing a significant role in the planet’s biodiversity and climate.  Pulp and Paper companies in Canada, Scandinavia and Russia source fibre from these typically slow growing forests and face challenges in terms of forest management to  protect IFL, High Conservation Values (HCV) and Social rights of indigenous communities.