LDC recent results of traceability to mill

LDC and TFT work together to deliver traceability updates every 6 months across LDC’s Indonesian refineries and Singapore-based commercial operations.

For the period between January and June 2016, the internal suppliers of both LDC refineries confirmed 100% traceability to mill. Traceability of external suppliers to LDC’s Singapore activity, increased from 66% in FY 2015 to 79% for H1 2016. For the period between July and December 2016, both LDC refineries achieved 100% traceability to mill, with the Singapore commercial flow at 75%.

The Full Year 2016 traceability results across both the internal and external suppliers averaged 88% versus 81% in 2015, as per the chart below. Traceability data for the period January to June 2017 confirms 100% traceability to mill for both LDC refineries and an improved 86% for the Singapore-based commercial operations, averaging 92% traceability for H1 2017.