PZ Cussons share palm oil supply chain details

PZ Cussons share palm oil supply chain details

March 20, 2018

PZ Cussons is committed to ensuring that the palm oil used in their products is responsibly sourced, respects local and indigenous communities, protects animal habitats and does not contribute to deforestation.  They seek to be open and transparent with all their stakeholders and are aligned with Greenpeace’s call for consumer companies to disclose their palm oil suppliers.

At a scheduled meeting with Greenpeace on 19th March a list of all key direct palm oil suppliers and the mills from which they source, was shared with Greenpeace:

All of these suppliers have made ‘No Deforestation/No Peat/No Exploitation’ (NDPE) commitments and are members of The Forest Trust (TFT), supporting transparency of mills through their public dashboards.

Working together, PZ Cussons and TFT have achieved full traceability back to the refinery since 2016 and can currently trace 86% of palm oil back to the mill. PZ Cussons are still seeking permission from four remaining small suppliers in Africa to share their mill traceability data with Greenpeace and longer term they seek to achieve full transparency including ingredients derived from palm oil.