PZ  Cussons share action plan for responsible palm oil

PZ Cussons share action plan for responsible palm oil

October 25, 2018

PZ Cussons takes action on deforestation.  

PZ Cussons has published its action plan to meet its No Deforestation / No Peat / No Exploitation (NDPE) commitments on palm oil by 2020.

The detailed action plan shows how the company is going to deliver on its Palm Oil Promise to source 100% of its palm oil from producers whose entire operations have been independently verified compliant with NDPE standards by 2020.

The plan sets out 12 detailed goals against five strategic objectives, focusing on governance, traceability, transformation, transparency and leveraging PZ Cussons’ unique position in Nigeria, to drive NDPE compliance.

Sam Plant, Corporate Services Director at PZ Cussons, said: “PZ Cussons uses less than 0.001% of the world’s supply of palm oil, however we hold ourselves accountable for the palm oil we source and are fully committed to playing our part in the reform of the industry. Our 2020 action plan builds on the commitments we made in our 2014 PZ Palm Oil Promise and the progress we have made since then.

“Of course, we recognise that we are not able to meet these commitments alone, that’s why we are working closely with our direct suppliers, our joint venture partners and with NGOs.  Our starting point is to shift our sourcing towards suppliers that can demonstrate that they have credible systems to monitor the producers in their supply chains to ensure they are fully compliant with NDPE standards throughout their operations” Plant added.

Although transformation of the palm oil industry is extremely challenging, PZ Cussons does not believe that switching to an alternative ingredient would have a positive impact, as alternatives, such as soy or vegetable oil, require more land to produce the equivalent amount of oil.

You can read the Action Plan here

The link to the palm oil promise can be found here