Danone is a global alimentation company, promoting good health as a state of general well-being for both mind and body.
Danone is operating in over 140 countries, and exceeding €21 billion in turnover, of which 60% is outside Europe. The company is supported by nearly 100 000 men and women and is connected to an estimated 900 million consumers. It is organized around 4 activities:
- Fresh Dairy Products: historical Danone occupation and still the main business line (52% of the global turnover)
- Early Life Nutrition: Palm oil is an ingredient used in Danone’s Early Life Nutrition products
- Waters
- Medical Nutrition
The 4 Danone values are: Enthusiasm, Humanism, Proximity and Openness. Danone strategy is to create a long-term relationship between Danone and its ecosystem so as to create sustainable growth.

Product Groups: Palm Oil