PZ Cussons

Securing a long-term sustainable supply of palm oil for their global operations is a priority for PZ Cussons. Ultimately, their aim is to ensure that the palm oil used in their range of Personal and Home Care, Beauty and Food & Nutrition products is responsibly sourced, respects local and indigenous communities, protects animal habitats and does not contribute to deforestation. Multinational consumer goods company PZ Cussons became a TFT member in August 2014, pledging its commitment to No Deforestation and No Exploitation throughout its palm oil supply chain. PZ Cussons wants to know where its palm oil comes from. To make this happen, TFT is working closely with PZ Cussons’ suppliers, as well as its joint-venture operations in Africa. This will help to trace its supply chain, as well as assess where support is needed to implement its palm oil policy. The next phase will be agreeing a timeframe with suppliers to ensure they can meet PZ Cussons’ commitments.

Product Groups: Palm Oil