The documents and reports featured on this page are generated by TFT. Some of these documents are operational in nature, and therefore are constantly being updated. We will post the latest version when available.

Allof our members commit to No Deforestation, but what does that mean? TFT’s Rob McWilliam explains in the video below

Many of our members also commit to No Exploitation. TFT’s Heloise d’Huart explains more here.

TFT’s Alastair Herd explains what a no peat commitment means, as well as talking about High Conservation Values (HCV)



Member commitments can extend to protection of High Carbon Stock (HCS). Rob McWilliam explains here.


TFT’s work follows a fours step journey we call  the VTTV approach, which stands for Values, Transparency, Transformation and Verification. In these two videos TFT founder Scott Poynton summarises what VTTV is and how it differs from certification.



TFT CEO Bastien Sachet talks about the limits of certification, the challenges of supporting smallholder farmers, transparency, and Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) in the following four videos.